Chris Luckhurst

Head of Chemistry

Hello, I’m Chris, Head of Chemistry at ThirtyFive Bio. I am a medicinal chemist, and have led cross-discipline therapeutic programmes, more recently in the neurodegeneration, respiratory and renal disease therapeutic areas, against a variety of targets including GPCRs, kinases, soluble enzyme and epigenetic targets, from hit finding through to lead optimisation. I have been determined to tackle drug attrition by influencing compound quality, bringing in awareness of compound-related safety risks and clinical toxicity. To support the nomination of clinical candidates, I have also co-ordinated CMC campaigns. I have a PhD from Cambridge University, working on complex natural product synthesis.

About Chris
I am a keen touring cyclist, and amongst friends became known as Captain Snail
We enjoy travelling as a family, with more recent trips to Iceland, Oman, Sicily, and West Indies (volcano included), and Disney World in Florida
I am a volcanophile!