James Westcott

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m James, the CEO of ThirtyFiveBio. I have a PhD from the University of Bristol in biochemistry and spent the early part of my career working as an enzymologist helping to optimise kinase inhibitors. I was part of pre-clinical teams that developed first-in-class Aurora kinase (tozasertib) and ATR kinase (berzosertib) inhibitors for cancer. I have over 20 years of pharmaceutical drug discovery & development expertise. At Vertex Pharmaceuticals, I was head of the primary pharmacology and screening group, developing assays to discover and optimise small molecules, while also leading understanding of pharmacologic mechanism of action. I have led multi-disciplinary drug discovery efforts in immuno-oncology and polycystic kidney disease, with project lead or head biologist roles. Beyond this, I’ve experience in various other therapeutic areas and on various biological targets from enzymes to GPCRs to ion channels, using modalities as diverse as inhibitors, correctors, antisense oligonucleotides and PROTACs. All to identify therapeutic solutions for patients with high unmet clinical need. I’m now applying this expertise to lead and drive our programme at ThirtyFiveBio, with the help of an incredible, high performing internal team, in collaboration with valued external partners, advisors and scientists.

About James
Love city breaks with my family
A reluctant (not really) road cyclist
It's The Gas for me (Bristol Rovers FC)
Bucket List
More travel - certainly east and south