Josselin Caradec

Head of Biology
A biologist by background, I have worked for 10+ years in biotech’/biopharmaceutical companies. I am passionate about transforming an idea into a drug that can benefit for patients. To support the development of new therapies I have developed through different roles (project leader, Head of Operations, Head of Biology…) expertise in drug discovery, from target validation to selection of candidates for further clinical evaluation. I had the chance to manage directly or transversally multidisciplinary teams, laboratories, and projects in various therapeutic indications and with various therapeutic modalities.
About Josselin
Si vis pacem para bellum - who wants peace prepare for war. This makes a lot of sense to me especially in my work as drug discovery projects / companies are extremely complex and you need to have a good vision and a good plan to avoid all the traps in your way
Since I was a toddler, I have developed passions about drawing and sailing!
Curious by nature, I went to discover new cultures and landscapes by traveling in almost 30 countries now