Mitul Patel

Head of Bioinformatics (M:M Bio)

Dr. Mitul Patel is a Head of Bioinformatics at M:M Bio where he works with their ecosystem companies to provide Bioinformatics services. His focus areas are : Bioinformatics infrastructure, pipeline development, big data analysis and software development. Prior to M:M Bio, Mitul was the Head of Bioinformatics at BerGenBio where he worked on several clinical trials leading translational analysis to provide new insights into pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers, and managing the Bioinformatics team. He has also held senior positions at Engitix and Immunocore where he was involved in several big data projects, utilizing and analyzing Omics data from next-generation sequencing projects and databases. He developed many computational pipelines and software applications to analyse RNAseq, TCR, whole exome and Single-cell data in immuno-oncology/fibrosis, including the application of machine learning/AI. Mitul received his Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics in India before emigrating to the UK to obtain M.Sc in Bioinformatics from the University of Wolverhampton and Ph.D. in advanced Bioinformatics from the University of Greenwich. With Bioinformatics roots, Mitul has worked in genomics for nearly 10 years and presented his research at several national and international meetings and has published several peer-reviewed papers.