Noemi Babos

Executive Assistant/Biotech Associate

Once considering being a politician I first studied for a BA degree in History, International Relations and European Studies, before becoming a qualified teacher. Then fascinated by diseases, particularly cancer, I did a Certificate in Life Sciences, studies allied to Medicine, and a BSc in Biomedicine. Now, being knowledge-driven through a curious mind, I am embarking on a journey into Bioinformatics. In my free time, I enjoy the adrenaline surge offered by paragliding, hiking the Norwegian fjords, and glider flying.

About Noemi
One of my favourite places to continually explore remains the Norwegian fjords. It is simply mesmerising
Nothing can be better than some jazz, blues or classical rock with great mountains around to explore and Bukowski's work in the backpack
Fan of all sports. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, from skydiving to paragliding as well as currently learning kitesurfing