Shelley Cook

Chief Operating Officer

Shelley recently joined the M:M ecosystem as COO. She was previously responsible for building out and leading Operations, and a member of the corporate strategic team, in a number of growing Biotechs and business units including Immunocore and Sitryx Therapeutics. She was also a key member of the deal team which reached a $60M exclusive global licensing and research collaboration and investment from Eli Lilly and Company, and thereafter Alliance Manager. Prior to this, Shelley was a Life Science and Technology Equity Research Analyst. She originally trained as a molecular virologist. Shelley graduated with a BA and MSc in Integrative Bioscience and DPhil in Emerging Tropical Viruses from University of Oxford, UK, before completing her post-doctoral studies as a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow at the Natural History Museum, UK and Aix Marseille Université, France.

About Shelley
Ardent Iberophile. I also love Mexico for its landscapes, people, food and music
Secret talent
Previous international dance champion, I continue to teach and perform
Dream job
Wildlife vet in the tropics