Sochi Otti

EA/Biotech Associate

A childhood dream that started off as being a medical doctor has led me to my current position, which I couldn’t be more proud of. I am Sochi Otti, the Executive Assistant to James Wescott (CEO) and Biotech Associate at ThirtyFiveBio. Regarding my education, I took a foundation degree in general medicine and then completed a 3-year degree in Biomedical Science. Work-wise, I have worked in the capacity of a personal assistant and a laboratory technician within a diagnostic lab. I now currently serve in a role at ThirtyFiveBio that not only allows me to combine knowledge and experience from two backgrounds I am passionate about but also develops and equips me with knowledge on drug development and the ever-growing positive impact it holds for the future.

About Sochi
The only impossible journey is the one you never begin
Bucket list
One of the things on my bucket list is to explore Japan
Secret Talent
I'm pretty good at drawing or so I have been told!